Our vision: A resilient, strong, valued, ambitious, respected, prosperous community.

Our area had riches in natural resources.
That coal and iron was extracted from the valley and made others rich and prosperous. Today, our natural resources are our people. Our young people with dreams, our older people with experience, and new residents with ambition. Do not let this human natural resource be exploited and dragged away as the coal and riches were in the past.

When coal is crushed for long and hard enough it becomes a diamond. We believe that today, our valley has been pressured for too long and too hard by too many external forces. It is time to break free from the manacles of a Labour legacy and set ourselves free.
We must create our own destiny and lead others in changing this valley for the better.
It starts at home and it starts now! It is time for this valley to become that hardened diamond and shine!


It is wrong that there are no operational Police Stations in our valley.


It is wrong that there is no adequate youth provision in our valley.


It is wrong that there is one party domination at all levels of government in the Cynon Valley.

We see a bright future for the Cynon Valley. The CVP want to see the daily southerly exodus in cars and public transport reversed. Many public and private sector jobs can be accomplished from home or in town centre offices. 21st century businesses need to be encouraged and developed at new hubs throughout our valley. Town centres need re-focussing to really become the heart of our communities. Local authority ‘factory offices’ need to be closed and the employees re-housed in the towns.

The Cynon Valley Party have national concerns as well about security, wealth, health, the environment and much more. We are 100% behind our NHS. All for the abolition of zero hour contracts, the introduction of proportional representation. the removal of hereditary peers, and many more. We will involve ourselves with these issues while prioritising local concerns.
Our area has gone too long being governed by a Party first approach.
100 years+  of one party domination is a bad thing. If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always been given. And this is so true.

We live in a beautiful, well connected area. We are on the edge of the national park, thirty minutes from Cardiff, Swansea and Abergavenny. The area benefits from being on the edge of the Heads of the Valley road and has large industrial areas ripe for development.
Why is most investment targeted at getting people out of the Valleys and into a congested city. Better rail and road links are sticking plasters on a gapping wound. The Cynon Valley Party believes that our area has everything to encourage investment in jobs and infrastructure that is fit for the 22nd century. We urge you to support and help. Come to a meeting and be part of something new.