Our Values

  • We will honour the result of the 2016 EU referendum.
  • We will be guided by the constituents of the Cynon Valley.
  • We will not have to follow a ‘party whip’ meaning that we are free to vote for the benefit of the Cynon Valley.
  • We will show respect, be accessible and listen to the residents of the Cynon Valley.
  • We will campaign for new business initiatives and support home grown enterprise.
  • We will fight for the re-opening of police stations and more visible policing.
  • We will pursue a future focused agenda that helps modernise services and infrastructure.
  • We will forge stronger bonds between Westminster and the Cynon Valley.
  • We will support the modernisation of the UK Parliament, including:
    • The introduction of proportional representation.
    • Abolition of hereditary peers.
  • We believe that:
    • Austerity measures need to be ended.
    • Zero hours contracts should be abolished.
    • Free healthcare through the NHS is essential.
    • Universal credit has not worked and needs to be re-addressed.

Please support our vision
If you feel let down by Labour in this area then please use your vote wisely and vote for
The Cynon Valley Party.