Please get involved to create a positive future for The Cynon Valley.


We live in one of the poorest parts of Britain. Our area has been governed by Labour politicians for 101 years. In that time there have been only 6 different MPs!

As a community, if we keep on doing what we have always done then we will get what we have always been given. That means if another Labour MP is returned to parliament then we have no other thing to expect than more of the same.

No longer should you allow your MP to put their party first. It is imperative that your MP puts the community first and foremost. That your MP puts the interests of local people before the problems that beset other parts of the country or world. We have to fix our own community before we fix others.


The Cynon Valley Party welcomes everyone. We would love you to get involved. Look at the list below and see what you can do:

  • Donate cash
  • Raise money
  • Post leaflets
  • Knock doors
  • Contact friends
  • Put up a poster in your window
  • Help us at street gatherings
  • Share social media
  • Come up with ideas
  • Make videos
  • Become a councillor
  • Create a friends of The Cynon Valley Party in your area.


The Cynon Valley Party are looking for new members today. The general election is on the 12th of December 2019 and the more constituents who can join in the better.


There are 23 wards in the Cynon Valley. You could help by adopting a street, a small area within your community or even coming right around the borough with us. 


Anyone can help. We want to be a diverse group of people that have one thing in common. The community before politics. It really is that simple.

Please donate

Please stand with me and make a change. Get involved. Help me create the future that we deserve. 

Our area had riches in natural resources. That coal and iron was extracted from the valley and made other people and areas rich and prosperous. Today, our natural resources are our people. The residents, young people with dreams, older people with experience, and new people to the area with ambition. Do not let this new natural resource be exploited and dragged away as the coal and riches were in the past.

When coal is crushed for long and hard enough it becomes a diamond. I believe that today, we have been pressured for too long and too hard by too many external forces. It is time to break free from the manacles of a Labour legacy and set ourselves free. Create our own destiny and lead others in changing this valley for the better. It starts at home and it starts now! It is time for this valley to become that hardened diamond.

Resilient, strong, valued, desired, our future.