Andrew Chainey announced as 2019 General Election Candidate

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The Cynon Valley Party announce that we will be fielding a candidate for the General Election on the 12th of December 2019. The people of the Cynon Valley are hard working, caring people and deserve to be represented in Westminster by someone who will respect the needs and wishes of our valley and its people.

In June 2016 the country voted in a referendum to instruct our parliament and government whether we wanted to leave or remain in the European Union. Nearly 57% of those who voted in our valley wanted the UK to leave the EU; whether you voted remain or leave, what’s important to The Cynon Valley Party is to uphold democracy and respect the result of the referendum, nationally and locally.

We’re passionate about, and proud of our valley. If you believe it’s time for change, as being represented by a national party means your needs and wishes are overlooked and absorbed into national politics, then vote for The Cynon Valley Party. Vote for a fresh beginning.

The Cynon Valley Party candidate for the 12th December 2019 general election is, Andrew Chainey.

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